The Clinical Foundations of Brain Shift Radio

Brain Shift Radio was developed from the clinical work done at the Strong Institute.

The Strong Institute was founded in 1994 as the REI Institute by Jeff Strong and Beth Kaplan after more than a decade of Jeff's initial research into the traditional uses and techniques of musical therapeutic rhythm around the world, spanning traditions from Africa to North America, South America to Europe.

Dissatisfied with many of the traditional cultural aspects of these ancient rhythm techniques, Jeff decided it was time to examine the core mechanisms of rhythmic stimulus techniques in a controlled setting in order to eliminate any placebo effect and to better understand the mechanisms involved in using rhythm to stimulate and synchronize the nervous system.

Our first study, entitled "Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention as Applied to Childhood Autism: A Pilot Study" was conducted in a public school setting in the suburbs of St. Paul, MN in the spring of 1994. Sixteen elementary-age children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder participated in this study. The results were encouraging and resulted in the presentation of this paper at several professional health-care conferences throughout North America.

This study and the professional community's enthusiastic response to it led to numerous other research projects with individuals with neurological disorders including individuals with autism, attention deficit disorder, Tourette's Syndrome, chronic pain, learning disabilities, and central auditory processing disorder.

Research on Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention has been conducted by numerous other institutions including the University of Kansas Medical Center, Oregon Health Sciences University, and the Center for the Study of Autism, to name a few. To date, these studies have resulted in papers that have been presented at nearly thirty professional health-care conferences.

From this research we discovered ways to use specific rhythms and techniques to facilitate improvements in many of the symptoms associated with a variety of neurological disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder, anxiety disorders and more. We are the first organization to define the clinical application of auditory rhythm to stimulate and synchronize the brain.

Since the creation of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention we have worked with hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world and have built a large provider network of over 1,000 healthcare professionals who offer REI to their patients. This has provided us with an extensive database of clinical experience and research that has allowed us to continually improve the quality of our REI Custom Program™ and therapeutic CDs.

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“Certainly, the site’s interface and presentation are impeccable. Ambient and rhythmic tracks can be remixed and swapped to the listener’s pleasure; the community is active in building mixes; and the music streams at a high-quality, through an elegantly simple player.”

“In short: you’re distracted. So you’ll head here, select “I’d like to focus” from their preset playlists, along with your desired intensity level: “laser-like.” Twenty minutes of rapid-fire drums and medieval alpha strings later, and you’ve just cleared your to-do list.”

“Wow!  I’m logged in. This is awesome! Just the feature of mixing tracks is awesome in itself.  That almost makes it seems like a synth, or a cool app where you actually manipulate the song. It totally works. I’m excited to create some new ‘focus’ tracks to use while I work.”  

Mark H.

Congratulations and THANK YOU for the Brain Shift Radio. It’s absolutely FABULOUS. I listen to your music while I’m working on the computer. It is helping me remain calm, focused, and creative. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!! 

Shirley L.

“Love the Brain Shift Radio!!! It’s absolutely wonderful. Sucks the anxiety right out of you!!!”

Allie S.

"Thank you for the awesome radio! Been listening to focus music all day today!"

Sanda P.

While I was playing [Brain Shift Radio] my son laid down and closed his eyes... I've never seen anything like it. He never has been this calm in his life."

Mother of 5 y/o son with autism