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Brain Shift Radio is a unique way to take control of your brain. We have taken our clinical therapy program apart and given you access to its core components so you can find the perfect mix for your brain and your goals.

Part of the process of giving you the tools to achieve your goals is to also provide the information for you to truly understand how Brain Shift Radio works and how to get the most out of it. The Articles and Research section is designed with this in mind.

Here you will find articles from the basics of using BSR to some more in depth explorations of how auditory rhythm can stimulate the brain. Check back often as we are always adding new articles.

Getting the Music to Play

Thanks for trying Brain Shift Radio. The main BSR player requires the Flash plugin to play. If you are on a computer, please check that you have the most recent version of Flash and that it is enabled in your browser. Instructions for enabling Flash in Chrome…

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Choosing the best volume for your Brain Shift Radio experience

Brain Shift Radio's rhythm tracks stimulate your brain. To get the most out of this stimulation, it is important to set the volume at an optimal level for you and for the type of track you're listening to. This article explains how to do this effectively. Most…

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Getting the best results out of Brain Shift Radio

At the Strong Institute, we've spent over two decades developing the easiest to use and most effective brain stimulation programs. We've done this by extensively researching the effects of both the rhythm and ambient components and customizing the type and…

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Understanding Auto and Manual Modes

Brain Shift Radio is designed to be simple to use when in Auto Mode or highly flexible when used in Manual Mode. This article will give you an overview of both of these modes to help you get the most out of Brain Shift Radio. Auto Mode. Auto Mode is what…

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Understanding BSR Rhythm and Ambient Music Tracks

Brain Shift Radio dissects the components of REI to give you unprecedented control over your experience. We use two basic building blocks: rhythm and ambient music tracks. Each has a different effect on the brain. Understanding this can help you better choose…

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Understanding Variant and Modifier tracks

The Track Browser is where you go to choose your tracks manually. When you first load the Track Browser, only recently added tracks are listed. This list is a good place to start if you are on the radio often and are looking for the newest and shiniest tracks. Most…

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What's BPS and why does it matter? Understanding the BSR Rhythm Track names and descriptions

The rhythm tracks in Brain Shift Radio are named and described in what may seem an arcane language, but these names and descriptions can offer you a lot of information on how each track may work for you. In this article I try to explain the process. BPS =…

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Adding More Than an Hour of Music at a Time (V.1 Player)

When you let us choose tracks we load three pairs at a time. This is an hour of music. We figured when we built the system that after an hour you'd want to be able to let us know how you're doing before we add more tracks. We have heard from a lot of members…

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Working in the Mix Browser (V.1 Player)

The Mix Browser is the default browser that loads whenever you login to Brain Shift Radio. This browser contains saved mixes, both your's and the community's. Recent mixes are sorted when the browser loads, but you can sort in several additional ways: All,…

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Working in the Track Browser (V.1 Player)

When you are in Manual Mode, you can either choose mixes from the Mix Browser or the Track Browser. This article explains how to use the Track Browser. Working in the Track Browser. The Track Browser contains Rhythm and Ambient tracks in seven categories.…

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