Understanding Auto and Manual Modes

Brain Shift Radio is designed to be simple to use when in Auto Mode or highly flexible when used in Manual Mode. This article will give you an overview of both of these modes to help you get the most out of Brain Shift Radio.

Auto Mode. Auto Mode is what you see when you first log into Brain Shift Radio. This is where you answer the question, "How do you want your brain to shift". Here you select your goal and when you choose a category we'll ask you about your state now or your goal.

Your second question determines the level of stimulation and type of tracks we choose for you.

As you rate your experience with each track combination we learn your preferences and can better chose in the future. You may also save a mix (saves the rhythm and ambient track and mix ratio) to your mix list.

Manual Mode. Manual mode allows you to choose the rhythm and ambient track to play from tens of thousands of therapeutic combinations. Tracks are divided into categories and intensity (stimulation) levels. This process gives you control over each aspect of the BSR stimulus but it can also lead to overwhelm or ineffectiveness if the incorrect tracks are chosen.

Click the "I'll Choose My Own" button to engage Manual Mode. An empty player opens and the Track Browser appears below the Menu bar.

Here you can choose tracks from the Track Browser, select from saved mixes (yours or the community's), or switch back to Auto Mode.

Remember: You can switch anytime to Auto Mode by clicking the "Choose Tracks For Me" button.

You can read about Working in the Track Browser here.


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