Getting the best results out of Brain Shift Radio

At the Strong Institute, we've spent over two decades developing the easiest to use and most effective brain stimulation programs. We've done this by extensively researching the effects of both the rhythm and ambient components and customizing the type and level of stimulation each person receives. By taking control of these aspects all you need to do is choose the Auto Mode and follow this simple advice:

Let the music play quietly in the background, low enough so that it drops from your awareness. In just a few minutes your brain will shift. The effects may be subtle at first but as you use the radio your brain will learn how to entrain and the effects will grow.

Tell us how the tracks are working for you by answering the follow-up question when it pops up or by rating a track. This teaches us what works for you and helps us make better selections for you in the future.

Save, share and rate your mixes. Whenever you login to Brain Shift Radio you go straight to the Mix Browser where you can see your saved mixes and the community shared mixes, making it easy for you to find mixes that have worked for you or others in the past.

Note: We, (the Strong Institute) are the only auditory brain stimulation program creators that have developed a headphone free program. All others require headphones to be effective. Brain Shift Radio also includes our exclusive headphone-free technology, so go ahead and play your mixes through speakers if you want. If you prefer headphones, dont worry, you can use them if you wish. Just make sure that you can hear ambient room noise as well as your BSR tracks. Noise cancellation or isolation headphones are not recommended.


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