Understanding BSR Rhythm and Ambient Music Tracks

Brain Shift Radio dissects the components of REI to give you unprecedented control over your experience. We use two basic building blocks: rhythm and ambient music tracks. Each has a different effect on the brain. Understanding this can help you better choose tracks and optimize your experience.

  • Rhythm. The rhythm track is the key to getting your brain to shift. The underlying pulse of the rhythm drives your brain to the desired state while the variations in the rhythm - both the pitches and the accents - stimulate the brain in specific ways.  Each category of rhythm contains single drums and as well as multiple percussion instrumentations, both accomplishing similar results. You may prefer one approach over the other, though the single drum track offer a more sustainable effect when focusing or calming due to the higher level of variability of the rhythms used.
  • Ambient. The ambient instrumental tracks act as modulators and modifiers to the rhythm tracks, reducing or altering the effects of the rhythm on the brain. In a purely clinical setting ambient tracks are generally not used, but for Brain Shift Radio we include them so that you have more control over your experience with the rhythms. If we just used rhythms, some people would become over-stimulated.

By giving you control over the mix between the rhythm and ambient tracks you can modulate your own experience. If the rhythms are uncomfortable, add more ambient to the mix. If you aren't sensing any changes, add more rhythm to the mix. If after adding more rhythm you are still not seeing results, choose a more stimulating track (tracks are rated for stimulation levels by the numbers 1-5. Higher numbers = more stimulation).

At first you may prefer multiple drum rhythms to single drums because of the predictability that they have to offer. As you use Brain Shift Radio you'll notice that your need for the ambient tracks reduces and your desire for the more complex, single drum rhythms increases.

When you find the right mix, you can save it and add it to a playlist to listen to again later.

As you make your ratings, we learn your preferences and we do a better job of finding the right tracks for you when you let us choose.

Remember: If you are unsure what to play or if you can't find what works for you, switch to the Auto mode and let us choose the tracks for you.


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