Setting Up Your Member Profile (V.1 Player)

If you intend to share mixes with the Brain Shift Radio community, it's helpful to set up a public profile. A public profile includes a username and an avatar. Your personal information remains private.

Here's how you set up your public profile:

1. Click the Profile Tab.

2. Click the Screen Identity Tab.

3. Type in a screen name in the Screen Name Field.

4. Click the Browse button to upload a photo for your avatar. A browser window will open to allow you to choose a file on your computer.

5. Or choose one of the stock Brain Sift Radio avatars by clicking on the Browse Brain Shift Avatars button. You can select from a few BSR images.

6. Click the Update button to save your settings. Now all of your member mixes will show your new screen identity. You can change your identity anytime and all your mixes will update automatically.


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