Working in the Track Browser (V.1 Player)

When you are in Manual Mode, you can either choose mixes from the Mix Browser or the Track Browser. This article explains how to use the Track Browser.

Working in the Track Browser. The Track Browser contains Rhythm and Ambient tracks in seven categories. When you first launch the Track Browser recent tracks are listed.

This can be a good place to start if you are very familiar with Brain Shift Radio and are looking for the latest tracks to play.

For most people, especially those new to BSR, I recommend choosing a category to work from.

Choose a category by clicking on the icon under the Rhythm or Ambient heading. I recomend starting with the Rhythm first. When you do this, Rhythm tracks from that category will be sorted and so will Ambient tracks form the same category.

You'll also find Variant and Modifier tracks included in the sorts. These are tracks outside of your selected category that have traits of the category. You can read more about Modifer and Variant tracks here.

Each track you choose appears in the Timeline above the menu bar. Once you have a Rhythm track and an Ambient track loaded, they will  be placed in the player and begin playing.

Subsequent track pairs will load next in line in the Timeline and will begin playing after the previous ends. You can skip through tracks in the Timeline by clicking the Skip Forward button.

You can switch out track pairs by engaging the swap function. This is done by clicking the grey gear button located above each track pair. You can learn more about swapping tracks here.


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